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Aerial BioChemical Pesticide Spray

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The CDFA's Draft EIR


LBAM EIR Review Testimony of
Roy Upton,
LBAM Liaison Citizens For Health

More info about the EIR process

Learn how to submit questions to the CDFA and
show how the CDFA's Draft EIR is not factual.

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Below read our Highlights about the CDFA's EIR

Exposing Laws and Agencies Involved LBAM
program, EIR Chapter 1

Debunking the CDFA's EIR Program Description,
Chapter 2 of the EIR

Aerial Spraying will continues "four spray planes would
be available throughout the state on any given day to conduct aerial applications." pg 3 and "nearly all 58 counties within California [will be sprayed]". pg 1

Debunking CHAPTER 3, Agricultural & Horticultural
Resources and Economics

"no direct crop damages have been experienced to date
in areas subject to existing infestation."
pg 20

Debunking CDFA's EIR Chapter 4, Urban & Rural Land Use
CDFA suspends California State Constitution and U.S. Constitution for their Eradication Program.

Debunking Human Health Risk, APPENDIX D
"Additive effects from exposure to multiple Program chemicals were not evaluated" page 196. See charts
that prove this will cause cancer in
childern, Park workers and Farm workers. pg 190

Debunking CDFA's EIR APPENDIX F, Ecological Risk
Permethrin will be used on us and "permethrin and ethylbenzene are classified as
carcinogens" - They cause cancer!!! pg 20

Debunking CDFA's EIR Chapter 7
Their goal is to aerial spray "a minimum of 20 million sterile male moths per day at full capacity."
pg 11

The CDFA's statewide Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Report for the LBAM program is due to be released tomorrow afternoon, July 31, with a 60 day public comment period ending Monday, September 28, 5pm.

As part of the EIR process, CDFA will also be holding "public listening sessions" on the following days, in the following locations, from 5:30-7:30pm.

August 19, 2009 Long Beach
August 20, 2009 Carpenteria
August 24, 2009 Fresno
August 25, 2009 Sacramento
August 26, 2009 Sonoma
August 31, 2009 Watsonville
September 1, 2009 Oakland





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